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Our vibrant range of cool keychains and fridge magnets is sure to fit in that cool pocket and fridge of yours. Look around for more such accessories while giving your keys and fridge a decorative touch.

- Krsnaa Mehta

Buy these cool keychains and fridge magnets at India Circus

Keychains and fridge magnets have always been an ‘in-thing.’ But gone are the days when you desired for an alphabet keychain. There are so many cool options to choose from. At India Circus, we offer a whole range of keychains. With vibrant colours and designs inspired from popular things in India, these cool keychains are sure to suit your keys.

And we haven’t forgot about the fridge magnets. Who doesn’t love them? Adults do, kids do, basically everybody does. From Warli designs to a Mughal Emperor and Queen on the fridge magnet and much more, the refrigerator magnets are one of those essential decorative pieces for your fridge. Explore our exquisite range of fridge magnets and grab them now!

Affordable prices and how!

With a blend of warli, hues and vibrant colours, India Circus offers an exquisite range of keychains and fridge magnets. And the good news is? They’re quite affordable. It could be a souvenir or a small token of appreciation. Check out the whole variety of cool keychains and fridge magnets on India Circus.

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